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Post  I Am Fun1 on Mon Feb 07, 2011 7:49 pm

Hello, Guest, this is the official credits mall of the Dojo, here, you may spend your ninja stars for items, such as, custom ranks, custom names, hidden forums, and other awesome stuff!
The items and prices are listed below.
Custom Rank- 500 Ninja Stars*
New Name- 500 Ninja Stars
Role-play Forums- 2,500 Ninja Stars
Infraction Removal- 10,000 Ninja Stars
Clear User Record- 100,000 Ninja Stars**
New Custom Clan- 10,000 Ninja Stars
Order Forms-
Ninja Stars Paid-
(Only applicable for custom rank) Rank name and customizations- (List your rank, and any effects you would like to add)
(Only applicable for infraction removal) Infraction date and reason-
(Only applicable for new clan) Clan Name-

* +50 Ninja Stars for each effect/color
** If you have been guilty of hacking or abusing your powers on the forum, you may not purchase this

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