The Rules 1.0

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The Rules 1.0

Post  I Am Fun1 on Sat Feb 05, 2011 10:59 am

Important Rules
1.) No Sexuality
1.1) No pornographic images or videos, this will give you a permanent ban, as well as get the whole forum in trouble. Perma-ban, no warnings.
1.2) No sexual talk, most users will be under 18, this being a Club Penguin forum, so don't do it.
2.) No hacking discussion, take your trainers and hacks elsewhere, this is an automatic week-long ban, and if you're caught again, you're banned forever
3.) No swearing, it's just wrong, whay is there need for swearing on a Club Penguin forum?
4.) No stupid/dangerous/illegal stuff, do not post a video showing how to hook your car up with NOS, or how to make a bomb.
Less- Important rules
5.) No spam, spam stands for
An example of spam would be post "Omg, did you see the new AlienWare laptop?" in a topic about BBQ, or like this,
in random topics, or smiley spam, like this
clown Like a Star @ heaven Exclamation @ cyclops alien affraid confused drunken bom cheers I love you Idea Question Embarassed Mad cyclops alien @ No

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